Get to know us

We’re a team of young people passionate about Digital Communication. Since the 90s’ revolution, the Internet has been rapidly growing into the ultimate resource, and we are collectively very enthusiastic about utilizing the fantastic platform it provides for businesses and individuals alike to represent themselves to the world.
We belong to the generation that has grown up watching the internet grow with us, and we understand it well. We are also passionately curious about the multitude of opportunities that it presents us with. We are constantly on our toes exploring new avenues and figuring out increasingly innovative ways to utilize popular media to reach maximum audience.

Meet us

Aalap Bharucha

Chief Sales Officer

Aalap is the founder and the Chief Sales Officer of the company.

Omkar Wagh

Brand Consultant

Omkar is the Chief Brand Consultant and our expert on Social Media.

Tanmay Adke

Brand Consultant

Tanmay is the Brand Consultant. He is also our Philosopher, Writer and the SEO Expert.


Web Developer

Praful is the Web Developer in Chief

Harsh Bharucha

Content Producer

Harsh is the Chief Content Producer

Ratnadip Khamkar

Web Editor

Ratnadip is the web editor.