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Website Development

It was one of our challenging projects. It had many pages, customized elements and the challenge of representing vast amount of content in a simplified way.
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Take this for example. We designed an element which represented all the SDGs and when we hover over it, it displayed the corresponding programs for each SDG.

Program Pages

We designed total of 11 program pages with every page having a different design keeping in mind their uniqueness and importance. For this we used elements like maps, infographics, counters, tables, timelines. We have tried to make these pages as interactive as we could, so that regardless of much content, the user would engage with the page more.


We received a positive response from the NASSCOM Foundation team throughout the project and they believed in us and our design philosophy throughout. In the end, the output of this process has been satisfactory to the team as well as it has been a great addition to our portfolio.

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For the sections such as Press Releases and Impact Stories, we designed custom templates as well as developed an easy to use backend system for NASSCOM Foundation team to use.
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