Website Development

We collaborated with the team of Sellotap and brought to life their online space keeping in mind the simplicity as well as the versatility of their product.

Sellotap Case Study 1
Sellotap Case Study 2

Friendly & Clean

The user experience is kept clean and the user interface friendly to convey the ease the product will bring to its users. Take for example the Below illustration indicating the integration with different ecommerce platforms. In the example above – 3 screens are kept rotating, each screen showcasing an important functionality of the product.
Sellotap Case Study 3


We received a positive response from the Sellotap team throughout the project and they believed in us and our design philosophy throughout. In the end, the output of this process has been satisfactory to the team as well as it has been a great addition to our portfolio.
Sellotap Case Study 4

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We kept the home page and solutions page decluttered following the design idea. Still managed to cover every important feature of the product.
Sellotap Case Study 5

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